When I was 7 my mom put me to work in her restaurant prepping vegetables and cleaning tables. Instead of serving as a warning to never to pursue a restaurant job, that sparked a lifelong passion for the kitchen - an interesting start to what is now my post-college career path. Now I’m spending the next year cooking in one of the top wine restaurants in the country, and writing about the people, culture, and food that shapes the Central Coast of California working in New York City's editorial food world.

This is somewhat an antithesis of the mainstream food blog - I'm not a stay at home mom of three married to a high school sweetheart, definitely not Christian, and have no clue what being religious has to do with a crockpot recipe.  This isn't a FoodiePro theme, and I don't write articles about starting a blog so I can get commission from Bluehost.  I don't label myself as "the writer, photographer, or recipe developer behind Kitchenthology" because that should be pretty obvious to begin with.  The photos are a normal 2x3 ratio and are not annoyingly elongated nor covered with cursive typeface to increase Pinterest pins.  I occasionally [and unfairly] hate read a number of poorly written yet somehow popular food blogs.